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March 16, 2016
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My First One Way Ticket…Auckland-London

One day when I was Working at Porters Ski Field I got up and bought a One Way Ticket from Auckland to London.  Just like that.  Didn’t really think about it too much.  I had been to Australia a few times and then spent 2 months on the Russian Ice breaker in Antarctica and I decided it was time to go as far away as possible!  Which is London.  

On the 4th November after 25 hours with Air New Zealand I stepped of the plane on a cool sunny day at Heath row Airport.  2 weeks earlier we had a visit at home by Ben Fogle and his TV crew from London who were doing a documentary on my family in New Zealand.  They were a really fun group of people and there was a Taxi waiting for me at the airport and a bed to crash in to try to relieve the jet lag.  CIMG5294



My Time In London

The producer from the TV program and her husband invited me to stay with them and I stayed with them for a week.  Each day I would catch the train and explore the city of London bit by bit.  I was new to travelling so I mostly just saw the touristy sights but it was a great experience.  First time in a major city for me.  Having a place to stay saved me a lot of money but still London is incredibly expensive!

Below is a few photos from my time in London but if you want more ideas please check out this post from The Crazy Tourist of The 25 Best Things To Do In London.

Museums are the only thing that’s free in London.  Everything else was 12 pounds or more!  And its not raining in a museum either, a great plus when the weather is bad.  My first day in London I was surprised to find it feeling like dusk at 2pm!  I had just come from New Zealand hwere it was getting dark at 9pm.







Saint Pauls, another free sight in London, if you don’t go inside that is!



Staying With A Friend In Plymouth

After some time in London visited good friends Morgan and Christina that I worked with at Porters Ski Field.  They live near Plymouth and I spent a week there.  Its a University town so heaps of party’s every night!


The crabs I caught with Morgan

The crabs I caught with Morgan


Mr Drake himself

Mr Drake himself



Walking around the Cornish Coastline with Christina

Walking around the Cornish Coastline with Christina


From Plymouth I went via Mega bus to Cardiff and on to Branbury.  Both places visiting friends that I worked with at the ski field.  I went to see the All blacks take on Wales at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, under the roof with 70 000 people!!



Good Bye England, The white Cliffs of Dover

England was the first stop on my first ever One Way Ticket trip.  Little did I know that 5 years later a I write this I would still be travelling on yet another One Way Ticket.

Good Bye England, The white Cliffs of Dover

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