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July 11, 2016
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Travelling Laos, Photo Gallery OF The Poorest Country In Asia

My time in Laos, South East Asia, was short; just one week but still very interesting.  Travelling Laos after Thailand takes some time to get used to.  It’s generally more expensive but this is because they double the price for tourists.  The people don’t come across as welcoming and warm as the Thai people, although sometimes you see glimpses of what is an intriguing race of people.

Shy People

In my week I only managed to have conversations with 2 local Lao people.  I never worked out if they are just shy, or burnt out from being treated poorly by other tourists.  Maybe they weren’t confident with their English or they genuinely weren’t interested in me as a foreigner.  I tried Couchsurfing in the capital Vientiane but there weren’t many local Laos people on Couchsurfing, mostly foreigners.

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Crossing To Laos From Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand

What to Do In Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand

Travelling Laos, What a Beautiful Country

From rice fields through to the mighty Mekong River and stunning lush rain forest.  I found myself taking a lot of photos! I visited in wet season (early July) and was lucky enough to have a few sunny days.
Laos Rice Fields




Luang Namtha, Laos

The view from my bungalow in Luang Namtha in the north of Laos near the Chinese border.


Laos Bamboo bridge

A cool bridge made almost entirely of bamboo over the Namtha River.

Laos Bamboo bridge

Luang Namtha Night Market

Luang Namtha night market. I ate pork with rice and fresh spring rolls with the best banana shake I had Travelling Laos

Lao Bus Ride

On my bus there was a mother with 3 kids. During 4 hours of windy roads they must have thrown up 10 times each into their blue plastic bags.

Mekong River

A taxi boat runs across the mighty Mekong River that flows from China in the north to Vietnam in the south.

Luang Prabang

On top of the hill in the middle of the town of Luang Prabang. A lot of people also climb the hill to the temple for the sunset

Luang Prabang

What a lovely sunny day at Luang Prabang. I climbed 15 minutes up to the temple on the hill and chatted to a monk for some time. He was learning English and had lots of questions. I wanted a photo with him but he seemed uncomfortable so I didn’t ask again.


Lao Sleeper Bus

The Laos sleeper bus. I didn’t have a bed and got to sleep on the floor!

Vang Vieng, Laos

The hills in the west of Vang Vieng.  Vang Vieng has a checkered past in regards to tourism.  It used to be a “Full Moon” style party town, with cheap drugs, alcohol and thousands of backpackers going crazy in bars along the river.  After 27 people died of drunken accidents they have shut most of it down.  It’s still a small backpacking party town but not what it was.

Vang Vienge

Crossing the rickety bridge in Vang Vieng. Cost 3000 Kip


Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng

A cow casually walking down the street!


The Patuxay monument in the middle of the capital, Vientiane. Made from cement that was given to the country to build roads!


The view from the top of the monument

Vientiane, Laos Fountain


A friend, Linh who was staying in the same hostel. She is actually from Vietnam but works in Laos

Asian Motorbikes

How much motor bikes is too much motor bikes?

Mekong River Sunset

The view over Mekong River at sunset

Zumba in Vientiane

Locals doing Zumba near the bank of the Mekong River

Mekong River(HDR)

It was very easy to take nice photos while Travelling Laos.  The landscape changes quite a lot and there’s always the Mekong River.  It’s a country I would like to return to and spend more time in.  I think the way to get to know the people is to stay in one place for a long period of time.  Then you can make local friends easier.


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