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July 5, 2016
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July 11, 2016

A Collection Of Selfies With Locals In Asia

To me the best part about travelling is the people you meet along the way.  

Most of all, the locals in each village or city.  In the modern world where selfies and instant sharing is going crazy there is no better place to be than Asia! Here I’ve put together A Collection Of Selfies With Locals In Asia.  While walking down the beach in Bali or Philippines, or a beach in Thailand,  you will always be asked to take selfies with people.  I try to make a habit of taking one as well.



i found this little kid in a local pre school in Shaxi Village, Yunnan province. He was pretty awesome!

On an incredible day biking around the Karst Mountains around Yangshuo with my work mates Noel from Malaysia and Yunyun a local girl.

Selfie at the top of the mountain. Yunyun is on a pole that almost overhangs the 100m cliff above Moon Hill in Yangshuo.

Looking down on Yangshuo from the top of the TV Tower hill. Well worth the climb if you can find the hidden path up.

Feeling very small…..with Kimmy from The Philippines under the Shanghai Tower, The Global Financial Centre and the Jin Mao Tower. These are 3 of the tallest buildings in the world and they stand right next to each other int eh CBD of Shanghai.

These people are from the Yangshuo English College. When you walk the street in the evening they all come up to you and want to practise English.

These 2 also wanted to practise their english

In the rice fields of Shaxi Village, Yunnan with local workmates Shelly and Karen and not so Asian in the back is Hugo, from Canada.

The 2 nurses, Jane and Cindy from my first group of 75 kids in Shaxi Village.

Catherine and I met through Couchsurfing in Guangzhou. Here at the 7 rams statue. Catherine is also a world traveller..

Hiking in the Dinghushan park, Zhaoqing, for work and we found these 2 kids who wanted to take a picture with Lorrianne and I

As soon as I put my camera up in a local primary school in Zhaoqing there was a stampede to get in the photo. Sorry teacher i was distracting the class!

Playing ball with some more local primary school kids in Zhaoqing!

With my local workmate Sunny in Yangshou out on a biking mission!

Lin from The Philippines and I met in a hostel in Hong Kong and hung out for a couple of days. Heres we are enjoying some typical Hong Kong food together!

1 minute after I walked into my hostel room in Shanghai this guy Travis asked “Do you want to party tonight?” “Yeah why not!” He knew all the clubs around Shanghai and together we had 2 really crazy nights out!

Queenie and I actually travelled together in Indonesia for a week with my other friend Anya. Here we all met for hot pot in Guangzhou.

To see more from my time in China see my post:  Working and Travelling in China


With Arya and her 2 friends from Shanghai, China, at the temple at the top of the hill in Luang Prabang.

With Arya and her 2 friends from Shanghai, China, at the temple at the top of the hill in Luang Prabang.



Thai Friends,Chiang Rai

Graceie and I with Pat and Nui from Norn Nung Len Hostel in Chiang Rai. They run one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed in and are 2 of the friendliest people I’ve met.

Mai and Chang who have a smoothie shop at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. Trust me, they make the best Mango/Passion Fruit smoothies.

Mai and Chang who have a smoothie shop at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. Trust me, they make the best Mango/Passion Fruit smoothies.

Fruit Smoothies in Pattaya

Lisa from Cambodia who we bought Banana/Passion Smoothies from each day in Pattaya

Thai Friend

With Rudy in Khao San Road, Bangkok, a friend from Couchsurfing.

Thai Friend

Moa from Bangkok in Chatuchak Market.  We met through Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing Bangkok

Couch Surfing in Bangkok with Tarn and her friend and another guy from Croatia.

Thailand Friends

I met these two ladies in a temple in Udon Thani. I was sheltering from the heat of the day inside the cooler temple.

Thailand Friend

With Niceke on Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Singapore Friend

Hafiz from Singapore and I travelled together with our other mate Giogio from Italy for 3 weeks, from Malaysia up to Phuket. Many good times were had!!

Thai Friend

Monticha on Koh Phi Phi Island, Southern Thailand.

Thai Friend

Enjoying Pad Thai with Monticha.





The day I met Giogio and Hafiz who I went on to travel with for a month. We hung out with Leslie and Debbie, two Malaysian Airlines hostesses on their day off in Malacca, Malaysia.



Singapore Friends

I explored the city of Singapore with Phuong from Vietnam. Here in a Chinese temple in China Town.


The Philippines


Sagada, Philippines

Rhea and Princess and their friend invited us to eat lunch with them in Sagada Village in the northern mountains of the Philippines.

Friend Kimmy

My friend from Pink Manila Hostel in Manila, Kimmy is now teaching English in Shanghai.

Filipino Friends

After dinner at a small restaurant in Manila with some people from my hostel. T1he local owner and his employees wanted a photo to put on the wall you see behind us.

Indonesian Friends

Graceie and I playing games at a couch surfing event in Makati City, Manila. We met Mon and Nana the two locals a couple of times during our stay.

Treehouse Hostel, Boracay

The staff of The Treehouse Hostel in Station 3, Boracay Island, Philippines.

Mindoro Island

Mariane from Mindoro Island helped me to catch a ferry and bus on my way south from Manila and then invited me to join her church service in the rice fields the next day with family and friends.


Lunch with Mariane’s family.

Friends In Philippines

3 guys from the church service in the rice fields.



Filipino Friend

Walking along the waterfront in Manila you often get asked to take selfies with people.

Hitchhiking in Indonesia

One of our first rides hitchhiking in central Lombok Island, Indonesia on the back of a pickup truck in the scorching hot sun

Friends in Indonesia

These local university students wanted to take pictures with us in a small village in the east of Lombok in the very cool sunset.

Friends in Indonesia

More locals in the same village just before a big thunder storm arrived.

School Girls in Bima, Indonesia

These 2 girls followed us for 20 minutes as Graceie and I walked to the ferry in Bima, Sumbawa Island, in the east of Indonesia. Their friend was too shy for the photo.

Friends in Indonesia

At the age of 22 Dani was the chief engineer of the ferry that took us from Sumbawa to Flores Island.

Ferry in Indonesia

Some of the passengers on the overnight ferry.

Indonesian Friends

One of the local girls on the ferry.


Graceie and I walked with three girls for half an hour. They spoke great English and we shared lots of stories. In Borong, southern Flores Island.

Fishing in Indonesia

The fishing boat had just come in with their catch for the day in Borong, Flores.

Indonesian Friends

Nana was originally from the Philippines but lives in Sumbawa. She invited us in off the street for Indonesian coffee and steamed bananas.

Indonesian Friends

It started raining as we were hitchhiking just outside of Rutteng in Flores and these lovely people invited us inside for coffee and to shelter from the rain.

Indonesian Friends

These two guys work on the bus that we were on for 6 hours. Here we stopped for lunch with their family on the beach just before we got to Ende, Flores Island.

Indonesian Friends

The two guys with their bus.

Indonesian Friends

This guy wanted a photo before the bus left. He is the ticket man.

These are the people who have made my trip awesome.  Thank you for everyone’s photos and I hope to see all these people again along my travels.

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