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July 1, 2016
Crossing To Laos From Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand
July 5, 2016

Videos From Antarctica, With Heritage Expeditions

Videos from Antarctica
What does an Expedition to Antarctica look like? For one month I worked with Heritage Expeditions on a voyage from New Zealand to The Ross Sea, Antarctica with visits to the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands. Two lovely passengers Steve and Heather from South Africa put together a series of 13 Videos of Antarctica the Sub-Antarctic Islands. You can also read my detailed blog post about the voyage by CLICKING THIS LINK

Part One: Invercargill to The Snares

Part Two: The Auckland Islands

Part Three: Crossing the Southern Ocean

Part Four: Cape Adare Zodiac Cruise

Part Five: Cape Adare to Cape Royds

Part Six: Cape Royds to Cape Evans

Part Seven: McMurdo Station, Scott Base & Discovery Hut

Part Eight: Cape Bird & The Polar Plunge

Part Nine: Terra Nova Bay

Part Ten: Inexpressible Island and the journey to Macquarie Island

Part Eleven: Macquarie Island Zodiac Cruise

Part Twelve: Campbell Island (Part 1)

Part Thirteen: Campbell Island (Part 2)

These videos were taking on an expedition from New Zealand to Antarctica.  A big thank you to Steve and Heather who put the effort in to taking videos almost every day of the voyage and then going away and editing.  Many hours of hard work and they look amazing!  Its an awesome memory for everyone on the voyage to share and because of them we can share our trip with the world!

We all know that 30 days on a boat was a long time but for almost everyone on board it was a trip of a life time.    Don McIntyre was an inspiring expedition leader for everyone from the coldest day at McMurdo Station through to the disappointing  3 days without a landing at Macquarie Island.   We were very lucky to get the main landings in Antarctica and especially the one at Inexpressible Island.  The one on the Antarctic Continent itself.  The coldest temperature we had was around -20 degrees the night that we cruised the Ice edge at the head of McMurdo Sound.


Other Posts

If you like these Videos from Antarctica and want to see more this post has the trip log and photos that I put together shortly after the trip.

Expedition to Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic Islands


And this post is from another voyage I did with Heritage Expeditions to the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands in December 2015.  This was a much shorter trip and went to Campbell, Macquarie, Auckland and The Snares.

Working as an Expedition Guide/Zodiac Driver

For people interested in joining an expedition to Antarctica from New Zealand you can look at the Heritage Expeditions website.  They run 4 trips to The Ross Sea and East Antarctica each year on the Russian Ice Strengthened ships the Spirit of Enderby and The Akademik Sholkalski.

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